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Em Lang at High Tide Tattoo



About The Artist 

Em Lang is a primarily self taught artist who grew up in a house of women in Anchorage, Alaska. Through her childhood fascinations with literature, animation and illustration, Em developed her art with a combination of their collective sensibilities and her naturally expressive style provided a challenging source of entertainment as well as an escape for the artist. Many of the themes and subjects of animals, nature, love and conflict continue to fuel Em’s work today, refined by a lifelong obsession with drawing. 

Em entered the world of professional tattooing in 2011, which pushed her to quickly refine her artistic abilities in a constantly challenging field. Her drawing experience and drive had her quickly crafting custom works of art to suit the individual clients’ specific needs, her adherence to the unwritten rules of tattooing under constant scrutiny, in an often rough and tumble, male dominated climate.

The craft and culture of tattooing brought Em to the study of flash painting.A very technical and controlled form of painting with watercolor and ink that runs counter intuitively to all traditionally understood techniques of the medium, creating a bold and striking image that most closely resembles the saturation of ink in skin Her tattoo flash paintings and original designs have brought her a loyal clientele and earned the respect of her contemporaries on the national convention circuit. Her personal work expands on these ideals and techniques and explores exciting new ground unbound by tattooings rigid limitations.

Em Lang currently resides in Juneau, Alaska, working side by side with her husband, Huk Yuunsk Lang. When they aren't touring tattoo conventions, you can find them practicing their craft at their shop, High Tide Tattoo.