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I, Em Lang, am committed to working with you to create a beautiful tattoo that you will cherish for a lifetime. In order to facilitate this I will have to come up with answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs)

In this FAQ I will try and address many common questions to assure that your tattoo process is good clean fun. While design questions are too numerous and complex for the scope of this article, the wonderful crew at High Tide Tattoo and I are always happy to help. We are committed to friendly, personalized attention from beginning to end.


YES- Currently, because of Covid-19, High Tide Tattoo will be operating as a private studio. You will need to book an appointment online before entry. 

Appointments require a non refundable deposit. Deposit price will either be $100 or $150 depending on if it is a one shot tattoo session or something that will require multiple sessions. It is important to be communicative about any artwork references, placement measurements and or special details you want to include, especially if you are booking from out of town. Deposits are non-refundable and are applied to the final cost, and final session of your tattoo, providing you arrive prepared. If you are 20 minutes or more late for an appointment or cancel without a minimum of 24hours notice, you will forfeit the deposit. 

You can request an appointment by clicking the orange button below!


You bet your brand new hiking boots you can. You can book with me from anywhere you have a WiFi network- by clicking the orange button above, or clicking the “BOOKINGS & APPOINTMENTS” tab to the left. 


High Tide Tattoo shop rates are roughly $180  hour (industry standard) and have a $100 minimum. Cash payments are preferred, but, Em Lang also accepts Visa, Mastercard, debit cards, and Venmo. There is an ATM conveniently located across the street from High Tide Tattoo. Once we have a drawing, size and location we can give you a price quote. A quote dictates a price range based on the amount of time/effort I expect your tattoo to take. Quotes are done in studio, not over the phone. Rough estimate quotes may be done by email, but the final quote will still need to be done in house for accuracy. When determining whether to get a tattoo at one studio or another, price should be the lowest consideration. Good tattoos are are rarely cheap and cheap tattoos are rarely good.


It is illegal to tattoo anyone under the age of 18 in the state of Alaska. In addition to the mandatory minimum age required by law, I reserve the right to refuse anyone service. There is no parental waiver to get around the state law. Highly visible areas of the body, also known as “job-stoppers” will be done on a case-by-case basis. I have seen the pain and frustration caused by these tattoos too many times to want to contribute. If we tell you “No”, please understand that it comes from professional experience and a genuine desire for your long-term happiness. I don’t hate you or your money, I have a moral compass I have to adhere to. 


Yes! You need to have a valid GOVERNMENT ISSUED PICTURE I.D. In order to get tattooed by me. SHIP CREW I.D.S AND SCHOOL I.D.S ARE NOT VALID FORMS OF I.D. If you can’t buy beer or marijuana with it, you cannot get tattooed with it. 


For the safety of your children and the sanity of our studio we ask that you kindly keep your well-behaved children at home and not bring them into the shop at all. The artists are trying to concentrate and you and the other clients are trying to relax. Our shop is cozy and there is not room or place for anyone, child or otherwise to sit inside the procedure areas. The lobby is open for friends of clients but we absolutely cannot have children who are alone in the lobby. Even if your kiddo is the best behaved kid in the world- we are a busy tattoo shop in the heart of downtown Juneau, and not everyone that comes through our doors is trustworthy. We reserve the right to reschedule you at your own expense if you choose to ignore this rule. 


I encourage you to bring in your own artwork or references and ideas that I can use to draw you a custom tattoo. A custom tattoo is a tattoo designed with you specifically in mind, made to fit your personal tastes as well as your body shape perfectly. I may need to rework your personal drawings based on the drawings’ “tattooability”. Custom tattoos require a deposit as well as time for me to to draw. The amount of time necessary to draw your tattoo will depend on the scope of the piece as well as how booked I am. Once I have drawn something for you, I can happily re-work it, if necessary, until you are satisfied. Your deposit will be applied to the final cost/session of your tattoo. If you choose not to be tattooed or decide to cancel your appointment without sufficient notice, your deposit is considered a drawing fee. 


You know you want to get a tattoo, you may even have a basic idea of what you like, so now what?! We will start at the beginning and guide you through the process of turning an idea into a great tattoo that not only will you love and cherish through time. 

Start with an idea of what you want to get tattooed. It can be deeply meaningful or humorous, inspirational or memorial. But whatever it is, it’s yours forever. It should come from you. If you let someone else pick for you,  you might not love it in the long haul. Choose a place on your body for your new tattoo. Placement should take into consideration how the design is shaped, and what part of the body works best with that shape or flow. Do not pick based on perceived pain. Pain is temporary. I can draw something custom for your tattoo, but it is far easier if you lead me in the right direction by gathering some visual reference.

Google and Pinterest allows everyone access to the same images. It’s fantastic if you want the Nike logo tattooed exactly as it is on their ad. It is not so helpful if you want an original tattoo. If unique is what you are aiming for then pick a handful of images I can  craft them into something especially  for you. Photos of other tattoos are used as reference only. It can point to a color palette, layout or style that you appreciate. Those tattoos on the Internet belong to another person and they represent another artist’s work in design.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for out in the wild, please feel free to ask me about my wish book- a series of one off designs I’d love to do, or any of my numerous sheets of hand painted flash. I am more then happy to construct a design that you can fall in love with- and stay in love with, even as the tattoo ages. 

Unless you are  flexible and trusting about the finished tattoo, I will need to know everything before we spend hours drawing up something wrong. What angles do you like? What point of view is most pleasing to you? Is there background? Do you want color or blackwork? Where will you be placing this tattoo? How large do you want it to be? The more descriptive and communicative you are right off the bat, the happier everyone will be with the tattooing process. 


Deposits are applied to the cost of your tattoo with the following conditions.

  •  Deposits are non-refundable. If you cancel your appointment you forfeit your deposit.

  •  24hr Notice is required to change appointments. Without at least 24hr notice your deposit is forfeit. 48hrs or more notice is strongly preferred.

  • Clients arriving 20 minutes or more late will forfeit their appointment time and their deposit. A new deposit will be required to set another appointment.

  • Appointments that are multiple sessions will likely require a larger than $100 deposit to assure your space.

  • If you reschedule your appointment more then twice, you will be required to put down a new deposit for your third reschedule. 

  • If you completely change your design without any warning morning of your appointment, your appointment most likely will be subject to reschedule. 

  • If you show up sick, drunk, high, or disrespectful to any of the staff, you will forfeit your deposit and need to reschedule. Keep in mind that if I can visibly tell you are inebriated, you probably shouldn’t be making any permanent decisions, and I refuse to take part. 


90% of the time I will happily touch-up work as long as I was the artist who did the original tattoo.

Hands, feet and neck tattoos are exceptions to the touch-up policy. With those areas of the body you get one free touch-up within the first year- after that you will have to pay to receive additional work.

 Other exceptions to receiving a free touch-up include setting and then blowing off your touch-up appointment or blatant disregard of proper tattoo aftercare. Simply put, disregarding the importance of my time and advice disqualifies you from free touch-ups. Trust me, I will know if you haven’t followed the after care cards provided to you at the time of our appointments. 

If your behavior has fallen under the disrespectful category your future appointments may require gifts, money and/or apologies.

It is also important to note that most tattoos do not require a touch-up! If you think you need one or are unsure, simply drop by the shop!


Probably. Not every tattoo is an ideal candidate for fixing or covering. A consult is essential to determine and discuss what imagery is necessary to adequately cover the old work. Consults are free and generally take 10-30minutes to complete. 

When getting cover-up work it is important to note that not every design makes for a good cover-up. Whatever design that is used to cover your existing tattoo will usually always need to be DARKER, and LARGER then the original tattoo.  Cover-up tattoos are tattoos that are doing a job, and will need to be carefully plotted out. Lighter colors, negative space designs, and  grey wash designs will rarely be able to used as a cover up. 

I love doing cover-ups, and believe that getting a good cover up can really boost your self confidence and set you free from whatever the original unwanted tattoo bound you to. I am happy to work out a design that will mask what you already have, but I will not just slap any ol’ design over an older one. If I do not think the design will be technically sound for the purpose of the cover-up, I reserve the right to refuse service. 

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